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Ahrimans Ahriman's Prophecy
You are sent on a dangerous quest to find the secrets of the Ahriman's Prophecy and hopefully stop it in time. Play as a powerful magic wielder, fight monsters and explore dark dungeons. This is a great free rpg game on the web where you can explore a huge 2D world.

heroine Iysayana Heroine Iysayana - Trilogy
Heroine Iysayana is a Japanese-style rp game. Venture in the world of Byteria, fight dangerous evil creatures, where you can control Iysayana and embark on an epic quest. This is a very complete freeware fantasy quest, with three different chapters all included in the trilogy.

dark quest Dark Quest
You are in control of a team of four soldiers and have to complete different missions. The game is the mix of many genres, including strategy, roleplay and war simulation. An other great freeware available for download!

better mousetrap A Better Mousetrap
You are stuck in an alien world. Is it one of Davy's inventions that got you stuck there? Did one of Elandra's spells backfire again? Control both characters and try to find your way back home in this nice point and click adventure. Find multiple items and solve different puzzles.

mirkwood Mirkwood
In this great adventure based on the tales from tolkien, you end up fighting dangerous monsters, seeking long lost treasure and exploring a world filled with dangers. Will you be able to stay alive in this medieval themed world.
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